But who are you?…..Really

Most first blog post start off as a very formal, sometimes dragging, intro to the blog’s creator and what the blog is about. This isn’t it because:

  1. This isn’t the place to be formal, I came to have fun.
  2. This blog isn’t about anything. There’s stuff and things but think of this as an extension on my mind and I just want to share.

With all seriousness and honesty this blog really isn’t anything specific. I will, however, discuss a lot of things that are important to my heart. These things include social injustices (I hear the sighs already), the empowerment of woman and girls (especially those of color), and body positivity to name a few. Because of this I choose to go by Nanshe (a quick google search will keep you from the confused head scratch.) This isn’t a place only for women I want everyone to join in the fun. I do, however encourage everyone to be adults here because I plan to talk on some very touchy subjects. More about me as the post roll on. I love you all 🙂


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